Created in 1937, it is one of the oldest land reserves of the Pyrenees.

It is the largest reserve in Ariège with an area of 9037 hectares. To the south the reserve skirts the Spanish border along 14 km.

In this vast preserve nature remains untouched. In the centre is the majestic massif du Valier culminating at 2838 m. Deep valleys and rushing streams alternate with glaciated cirques.

The reserve has been managed by the Office National des Forêts since its creation. The objectives are the following :

• Protection and management of mountain habitat

• The study of mountain flaura and fauna in collaboration with scientists and universities and the broadening of knowledge in this domain.

• A land area which is open to the public for discovering nature and the environment.

The Reserve’s wildlife diversity is remarkable :

Among the rare specimens is the isard (Pyrenean chamoix), the black grouse, the Pyrenean gray partridge, the rock ptarmigan – also the eagle, the bearded vulture, and the griffon vulture.The groundhog was introduced in the 1960s. You will meet many passerines in the mountains: spioncelle pipit, wheatear, redstart, Alpine accentor. You will also be able to observe other, rarer birds: the snow finch, the ring ouzel, the rock thrush and even the discreet tichodroma.