Le Mont Valier

A 1h30 hike and a 600m vertical climb from the refuge des Estagnous is the Mont Valier, emblamatic summit of the Couserans region, at the heart of the Parc Naturel Régional de Pyréenées Ariégeoises and the Réserve Domaniale du Mont Valier.

It is ideally located within close proximity to many hiking trails as well as the via ferrata which leads down to étang Rond and étang Long. You will enjoy spectacular and panoramic views all along the East flank of the Pyrenees, from Pic Carlit to Pic Aneto and as far as the Pic du Midi.

These slopes harbour rich plant and animal life as well as the Arcouzan glacier known for its unusual features. There are also some challenging rock climbs, such as the arêtes des Antiques and coupoir du Faustin climbs.

The ascension of Mont Valier since times of old is symbolised by the double crosses at the summit. According to legend, the Valier was first climbed in the Vth century by Saint Valerius Bishop of Couserans, hence its nam

Hiking trail from the Estagnous refuge to Mont Valier



Timelapse – Mont Valier – Ariège

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