Le Glacier d’Arcouzan

C’est un petit glacier qui cumule les singularités :

“It is the easternmost glacier in the Pyrenees chain, that is, the last before the Mediterranean. It is monitored jointly by the Ariège Pyrenees Regional Natural Park, Expert Surveyors and the société Hexagon.

•  the most isolated in the chain (the nearest is Aneto glacier, 40 km away)

•  the most difficult and dangerous to access in the Pyrenees

•  the only Pyrenees glacier located in a mountain range below 3000 m

•  the only glacier in the département d’Ariège

•  it is one of the smallest glaciers in the Pyrenees but it doesn’t seem to be receeding, at least not as quickly as the other glaciers in the chain ”

texte : https://www.ariege.com/decouvrir-ariege/geologie/glacier-du-valier

To visit the Arcouzan glacier, we recommend the bureau des Guides d’Ariège:


Climb a sharply outlined crest, reach a summit,… Mountaineering is the logical way to culminate the hike, the last stage of the trail. Accomplish the climb of your choice accompanied by a Guide. Fortunately, the wild and natural mountainscape of Ariège Pyrenees has been kept intact.

We will provide a list of some classic or legendary climbs !

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To learn all there is to know about the glaciers of the Pyrenees, we recommend our friends, “Association Moraine”

“Asociation Moraine” was created in 2001 to study glaciers in their environment. Their research aims to gain knowledge of how glaciers evolve year by year. In addition, the association endeavors to spread information on the subject to a wide audience via all means of communication. A collaboration is organised with Spanish glaciologists to obtain comprehensive data on a Pyrenean scale.”