panneau de randonnée direction Les Estagnous

• Road access:

From Saint-Girons follow the D618 then the D4 and follow the Lez river valley. You will cross

Castillon en Couserans and Bordes-sur-Lez. After 2 km turn left on the road to Ayer, follow the Ribérot river valley to the Pla de la Lau car park near the Maison du Valier lodge.

• The classic hiking route:

Alt. 930 m. : From the Pla de la Lau car park, follow the path on the left bank of the Ribérot (red and white signpost: cross-border GR trail). At the crossroads of the Pic de Barlonguère and Mont Valier trails, turn left and take the 2 footbridges to follow the Ribérot stream on the right bank.

Alt. 1150 m: after passing the furnished shelter of the Tute de l’ours (source) cross a footbridge and continue on the left bank of the stream.

Alt. 1350 m: Nérech waterfall: cross another footbridge which takes you back to the right bank and follow the trail which crosses the breach of the waterfall.

Alt. 1550 m: With the Lauze waterfall in sight, the trail rises and no longer returns to the edge of the torrent.

Alt. 1859 m: Caoussis shelter. Take the fork towards the refuge des

Estagnous on the left (the right trail leads to the Etang Rond).

Alt. 2246 m: Estagnous refuge (approx. 4 hour hike).

To continue towards Mont Valier take the South East path.

Alt. 2653 m: Col de Faustin: turn left to the north and climb the southern slope of Mont Valier.

Alt. 2838 m: Mont Valier: metal cross at the top (approx. 1 hour 30 minutes from the refuge). Set in 1987 on the initiative of Simone Henry and the société des amis de Saint-Lizier to replace an older one (1672) which had previously been destroyed.

Advice : at the start of the season, when there are snowfields between the refuge and the Col de Faustin, we recommend ice ax and crampons because the slope is steep.

Reference: IGN TOP 25 2048OT map – 1/25000 Aulus-les-Bains / Mont Valier and Rando Editions n ° 6 at 1/50000

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Riberot access

Muscadet access

Peyralade access

La Core access

La boucle des passeurs (smugglers loop)

Estagnous access by the Chemin de la Liberté

Estagnous access by the Mongarri refuge

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 Pass’Aran Loop – Gps track = 9 & num = 68 & etat = param1 & meta = PASS% 20ARAN