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Logo_de_la_République_française_Personal charter of commitment to ensure the safety of myself and others when staying in a mountain refuge

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In the present health situation linked to COVID-19, it is essential that everyone accepts their responsibility to limit the effects of the pandemic.

This is also the case in the mountains and especially in the refuges. In order for you to be welcomed in the best conditions possible, the guardians and refuge owners have changed the organisation and running of their refuges.

It is essential that everyone respects these measures and regulations which have been put in place.

This is why, in order to confirm my mandatory booking to stay in a mountain refuge,

I certify that:

  • I am fully aware that due to the present health situation, the running, the conditions and services provided by the refuge will be different from normal.

  • I am fully advised of the equipment that I must bring, in order for me and my group to stay in the refuge (individual protective equipment & disinfectant spray, sheet, sleeping bag, personal wash kit…..)

  • I am aware that if the health regulations are not respected, the guardian has the right to cancel my booking in order to protect the rest of the clients from the health risks linked to COVID-19.

I also undertake:

– Not to go to the refuge if I or anyone in my group shows any symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, fever, temperature +37.8°C, diarrhoea, sickness, a cold, exhaustion, conjunctivitis, loss of taste or smell);

– Not to change my booking details (number of people, group composition, length of stay, type of booking (tent or dormitory), expected time of arrival, meals…..)

– To wash my hands with soap before entering the refuge;

– To follow protective health procedures (social distancing, hand disinfection, the wearing of a mask, movement control inside the building…) and daily routines which have been adapted for each refuge and explained in a specific health protection document – available online and presented by the guardian upon arrival.

– To bring with me, not only the normal safety equipment for mountaineering, but also sufficient medical equipment & material necessary to ensure the health protection of myself and my group ( disinfectant spray, masks etc…)

– Not to leave behind any material or equipment (especially single-use/disposable protective material) when I leave.